The Dream of Shahrazad

THE DREAM OF SHAHRAZAD is a feature-length documentary film that brings together the famous story collection THE 1001 (or “ARABIAN”) NIGHTS with recent political events in Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon… Description The “Arab Spring” of early 2011 was a momentous global event, raising great hopes for anyone interested in the forward march of humanity. No […]

The Salvation

Daily Motion – Mads Mikkelsen chatting on set – video Twitch – Mikkelsen gets his gun in first shot from Danish western The Salvation Variety – International financing ‘Salvation’ for Danish producer Empire – Eva Green Finds The Salvation MovieWeb – Eva Green and Jeffrey Dean Morgan Join The Salvation Deadline – Eva Green, Jeffrey […]

Highway Vultures

Highway Vultures is a 13-part reality series that follows tow-truck drivers as they race through Johannesburg, chasing car accidents – an adrenaline fuelled, funny, frightening, sometimes tragic, usually shocking and always thrilling speed chase. South Africa has one of the highest road death tolls in the world. Bad road surfaces,inadequate road markings, corrupt traffic police […]

Rough or Smooth

Rough or Smooth, is an adventurous and sophisticated travel series with a strong food and lifestyle focus. Playful and quirky, yet always honest and well researched – pairing two opposing personalities who just somehow get on and explore our world together… TV personalities and old friends, Paul du Toit and Terence Bridgett guide audiences on […]

Andre Villiers: My Friend Picasso

A profile of artist and photographer Andre Villiers When André was 23, he was walking around the town of Vallauris, taking pictures. He took a photograph of an older man. The next day, André developed the photo and took it back to show it to  the man. The man shook his head and said, “I […]

Refugees: Who Needs Them?

A cinematic, gripping and sometimes humorous look into the lives of refugees – and – ourselves. Europe – growing ever more intolerant in its anti-immigration and refugee policies…Into this world come a group few know of: “resettled” refugees, actually invited by the government, – as well as the US born filmmaker, Miles Roston, himself the […]


MICHAEL AURET Managing Director A lawyer and enterprising executive, financier and producer, Michael runs Spier Films. In the past year he financed or produced 5 films including, Kristian Levring’s THE SALVATION starring Mads Mikkelsen and Eva Green which is in Official Selection Cannes Film Festival 2014, Jake Paltrow’s YOUNG ONES starring Michael Shannon and Nicholas […]

South Africa

South Africa is a country with incredible diversity of both people and environments.  From sweeping mountain ranges to sun-kissed beaches, and arid desert dunes to tropical forest, South Africa offers a wealth of locations along with highly experienced crew and access to rewarding production incentives. Production Rebate – 25% – 35% Funding – National Film […]


An exciting new production location, Mauritius offers year-round sun, idyllic beaches, warm water and evocative mountain and rainforest locations. With highly competitive rates and a generous 30% rebate, Mauritius offers superb tropical locations for feature films, commercials and series. Production Rebate – 30% Funding – The Board of Investment


Iceland – a magical landscapes of mountains, lakes, glaciers and volcanoes, with long summer shooting days. Production Rebate: 20% rebate on total costs incurred Funding: The Icelandic Film Centre, and access to Nordic and European Funds Recent productions shot in Iceland: Noah, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Prometheus, Oblivion, Game of Thrones, Batman Begins, […]

Young Ones

Empire – Hoult & Shannon Are The Young Ones Examiner – Jake Paltrow’s futuristic thriller ‘Young Ones’ filming in South Africa Hollywood Reporter – Berlin 2013: Nicholas Hoult, Michael Shannon, Elle Fanning Join ‘Young Ones’ Variety – Nicholas Hoult, Michael Shannon and Elle Fanning to star in ‘Young Ones’ MovieWeb – Elle Fanning, Nicholas Hoult […]

I Want to be Weird

Kitty Von-Sometime is a British artist who has lived in Iceland for ten years. She is mostly known for ‘The Weird Girls Project’, an ongoing art project only for women. Each project is a single episode which is unique and has it’s own concept. Kitty chooses a group of women to participate for each episode […]

Yarn: The Movie

Knitting is becoming hip. It’s no longer something for the elderly to pass the time, it’s done by men, by film stars, and used by artists. Knitting could become ‘the new baking’ in film and television – an ordinary activity that unites audiences across the generations and works its way into the mainstream. Because there […]

The Dream Of Shahrazad

If revolution starts as fantasy, what does it end with? THE DREAM OF SHAHRAZAD is a feature-length documentary film which locates recent political events in the Maghreb and Middle East within a broader historical and cultural legacy: that of the famous collection of stories known as THE 1001 (or “ARABIAN”) NIGHTS. Using the metaphor of […]

Soweto Messiah

Soweto Messiah will be a unique, global event. The universal human story of compassion, reconciliation and hope enshrined in Handel’s Messiah vividly staged and given voice by 40,000 of South Africa’s finest, with another 50,000 spectators joining in the choruses, in the splendour of Soccer City and broadcast worldwide live from Africa. Without doubt the […]

Riding with Sugar

Riding with Sugar follows the tumultuous and precarious quest for BMX glory of two young men who escape the brutal child soldier-controlled Zimbabwean regime only to find themselves as undesired refugees in the harsh drug ridden streets of Cape Town. Caught in the deceptive ploys of politicos, a sex-trafficking and drug kingpin, nefarious businessmen and […]

Of Good Report

After engaging in an illicit affair with one of his pupils, English teacher Parker Sithole spirals into an abyss of obsession that eventually turns to murder. A cinephile’s passionate homage to classic film noir, Of Good Report is an evocative yet humorous story about a demented teacher’s attempt and getting away with the murder of […]

Blacktop Rally

IN DEVELOPMENT Website Running Time: 6 x 30 min It’s a rip roaring, epic, rock-star, hard driving, no blue-lights, 3,500 km road rally from Johanessburg to Cape Town. It’s all about living and experiencing South Africa as a high octane adventure. With FHM and Rockstar parties at selected venues en-route and some killer events on the way, the […]


Set in some of South Africa’s most breathtaking habitats, from semi-desert to World Heritage wetlands, ‘Wildcards’ unearths inspirational stories of modern day South Africans from all walks of life, who are totally committed to preserving their wildlife heritage. The animal characters that they are fighting for are equally charismatic and captivating. They cling to their last vestige […]


International Thessaloniki Film Festival 2007: Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Leading Actor.A man gets out of prison. Like a modern Ulysses he will undertake a homeless journey into contemporary Athens peopled by migrants, homeless, and other marginalized persons of the society. On his way he will meet a woman and a little girl. Are the […]