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Urban Monkey

URBAN MONKEY is a dramatic series following Steve, Carol and their volunteers as theyvcapture, treat, nurture and release monkeys living in and around Durban South Africa.

There’s no need for ‘Guided Reality’ at Monkey Helpline – there are plenty of powerful stories going on: dramatic captures – heart-warming releases – fascinating surgery – emotional euthanasia – passionate confrontation with authority and members of public.

Steve and Carol are literally run off their feet physically and emotionally. Their superb team of volunteers includes, Kerry, a veterinarian who donates her time – there’s the other Steve, a commercial oil rig diver, recently from the UK – Rian who has a plumbing business, and can’t stay away from monkeys – Darryl, an accountant who spends all of his spare time working behind the scenes raising vital funds, coordinating numerous other volunteers –weekend warriors, who arrive at a moment’s notice to put in the hard yards.

Ever tried to catch a monkey? They are quick and agile, even injured they are adept at out-maneuvering humans, yet over the past seven years, Carol and Steve have caught thousands of monkeys, together they have honed their skills to a fine art, ‘slowly slowly – quickly quickly, catch the monkey’.

“When we sit down to eat, shower, drop the kids to school, is when we get a call, never when it suits you” says Steve, Monkey Helpline coordinator, “Unless it’s confirmed dead (which we collect later for autopsy) we drop everything and go”.