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New Hands

A man who lost his hands in an accident, gets a new pair from a deceased person. It may sound like science-fiction from Hollywood – but this is reality. Gudmundur Felix Gretarsson (b.1974) lost both his arms in an accident while working with high voltage. After a series of operations and infections, the doctors decided to surgically remove the remaining stubs.

More than a decade has passed and Mr. Gretarsson managed, with some help from friends and complete strangers, to raise the funds necessary for the operation where the new hands gets grafted onto his body. The operation will take place in 2012 in Lyon, France – this is also a first time operation in medical history where one of the shoulder joints has to be grafted on the patient. One of the doctors’ conditions for proceeding with the operation was that Mr. Gretarsson learned French.
Mr. Gretarsson will be in rehabillitation for at least two years if the operation is successfull. During that period he will live in Lyon. The nerves have to grow from the body to the hands. The growth rate is 1 millimeter (0.04 inch) per day and it is estimated to take two years for the nerves to reach the fingers.

This is a miracle story about a man that refuses to accept the fate handed to him and decides to take matters into his own… hands.