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Indigenous Encounters with Sarah Begum

At the age of 21 Sarah Begum, a British-born Bengali woman, realised the ambition of a lifetime when she went to live with the Huaorani tribe deep in the Amazon rainforest, making a film of her extraordinary journey, exploring how the Huaoranis practice their ancient traditions, and the challenges they face.

Sarah’s first film, the project was extraordinarily successful, exhibiting in the Short Film Corner at Cannes and receiving accolades from around the world, confirming Sarah as a bright new talent in adventure filmmaking.  But this was only the beginning…

This series follows Sarah as the travels the world, meeting and spending time with some of the last remaining indigenous cultures; discovering their way of life, understanding their cultures and learning how they are keeping their cultures alive in the face of threats from environmental damage and competition for resources.


1) Amazon Souls
2) Native Americans
3) Berber of Morocco
4) Embera Indians of Panama
5) Bangladesh hill tribes
6) Cogi tribes of Colombia
7) Kalash tribes – women of Pakistan
8) Mayan descendents in Belize
9) Chiang tribe of China
10) Tuareg tribe of the Sahara