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Highway Vultures

Highway Vultures is a 13-part reality series that follows tow-truck drivers as they race through Johannesburg, chasing car accidents – an adrenaline fuelled, funny, frightening, sometimes tragic, usually shocking and always thrilling speed chase.

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South Africa has one of the highest road death tolls in the world. Bad road surfaces,inadequate road markings, corrupt traffic police and a culture of drunk driving is a recipe for disaster. And disaster is what the Highway Vultures are waiting for…

We follow them as they rove Johannesburg, chasing disaster and clearing the remains. In the cultural melting pot of Johannesburg, our drivers are a diverse bunch – some born and bred in the townships of the big city, some who have come from traditional rural communities to make their way in the city, while others come from all over Africa in search of a new life.

13-part series in development