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Spier Films is the only production company in South Africa that is able to cash-flow the South African production rebate and pre-sales, and in its last seven films has provided both equity and gap finance.

In addition to providing financial services in the form of both loans and equity, we also work with a range of high net-worth individuals who invest in films to take advantage of tax incentives available to South African investors in film & television production. Finally, we also have very good relationships with state funding institutions including the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) who can invest up to 49% of a budget of a feature film or television project in a combination of loans and equity. South Africa has Co-Production Treaties with Canada, Germany, Italy, UK, Ireland, France and Australia.

With both Irish and UK nationals as partners Spier films can also raise funds in the UK and Ireland for co-production or on projects that we are selling.

Spier Films can offer access to the Tax Incentives, Broadcast pre-sales, National and Nordic Funding available for features, television and factual films that can be filmed partly or entirely in Iceland.