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Eat, Grow, Love

A series following a group of young idealists from the city who join together to establish a permaculture centre in the Icelandic countryside in the hope of growing a better life with nature as their guide.

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We follow the group from the beginning;as the rebuild a derelict farm building into a thriving, community-run permaculture centre with biodynamic farming, a wide range of animals, herbal remedies, a product-line from locally foraged ingredients, arts and crafts, and experimental farming, including hemp.  The group come from a variety of backgrounds and all have different skills and challenges to overcome, including disability.

The series follows the personal dramas of the group and their progress in establishing different elements of the centre.  We will learn from experts and our passionate eco-warriors as they discover the secrets of farming and foraging in the harsh Icelandic environment, showing if they can do it anyone can!

In Development

1 x 52′ / 1 x 90′ / 6 x 60′