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International Thessaloniki Film Festival 2007: Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Leading Actor.A man gets out of prison. Like a modern Ulysses he will undertake a homeless journey into contemporary Athens peopled by migrants, homeless, and other marginalized persons of the society. On his way he will meet a woman and a little girl. Are the three of them members of a disrupted family or just persecutors and victims of a violent and conflict driven society that prevents them from living together?




Yorgos Symeonidis: Man
Ornela Kapetani: Woman
Savina Alimani: Little Girl
Bujar Alimani Souvlaki: Restaurant Owner
Nikos Georgakis: Group Leader
Dimitris Liolios: Group Member
Yorgos Nanouris: Group Member
Nicoletta Kyrana 1st Social Worker
Edda Ghemi 2nd: Social Worker
Armando Daouti
Gherghi BegaCrew
Director: Thanos Anastopoulos
Screenplay: Thanos Anastopoulos – Vasilis Raisis
Cinematography: Ilias Adamis
Editing: Napoleon Stratogiannakis
Art Director/Costume designer: Mayou Trikerioti
Sound: Stefanos Efthimiou – Kenan Akkawi – Costas Varibopiotis
Producer: Thanos Anastopoulos
Co-Producer: Stella Theodorakis
Production: Thanos Anastopoulos – Fantasia Ltd – Nova – With the support of
the Greek Film Centre.


Directed by: Thanos Anastopolous
Producer: Thanos Anastopolous, Fantasia Ltd.
Technical Details: Greece, 2007, 83mins, Greek, Albanian
Cast: Yorgos Symeonidis, Ornela Kapetani, Savina Alimani and
Bujar Alimani

A man gets out of prison. Like a modern Ulysses he is fated to undertake a wandering journey into contemporary Athens, peopled by migrants, the homeless, and other marginalized persons. On his way he will follow a little girl and a woman. Who are these people? Does he know them? Are the three of them members of a disrupted family?

As the terrible secret of the man’s past unfolds we realise that in a violent and conflicted society, that the line between persecutor and victim is a fine one indeed…

Thanos Anastopolous’ second film weaves patient, unexpected mystery into a story of xenophobic violence and its traumatic legacy.


Thessaloniki – International competition, 2007: Best Screenplay Award.

National Competition 2007: Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Leading Actor.

Berlin – Forum, 2008

New Directors New Films – New York, 2008

Guadalajara, Mexico, 2008 (with the support of the EFP)

Buenos Aires – BAFICI- international competition, 2008 – Signis award: