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Chimp Rescue: Charles and Jessica

Eugene and Charles

Eugene Cussons responds to a cry for help from the SPCA in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa; two chimpanzees are literally dying of neglect in solitary confinement at a local zoo. But what is expected to be a simple collection and integration job for Eugene, turns into the epic Charles and Jessica trilogy.

Imagine the classics; Romeo and Juliet, interwoven with War and Peace – stories full of emotional twists and turns, and you start to imagine a story about two chimps raised together then torn apart, exploited and abused for two decades, mentally and physically, then given a second chance, only to be knocked back down to death’s door. And finally, when all looks lost, Charles and Jessica find their paths reunited once again…

But this time, life presents them their greatest challenge yet; they are about to inherit ten baby chimps who are in desperate need of adult chimp parental care. The question is can these two physically and mentally abused chimps step up to the plate?