Running Wild

“Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde” is a cinematic adventure which tells the story of a man whose destiny led him on a dramatic and meaningful journey through the American West. From working ranches and cattle drives, rodeos and conservation battles, to wild horse rescues, personal heartbreak and new-found love, this documentary is […]

Urban Monkey

URBAN MONKEY is a dramatic series following Steve, Carol and their volunteers as theyvcapture, treat, nurture and release monkeys living in and around Durban South Africa. There’s no need for ‘Guided Reality’ at Monkey Helpline – there are plenty of powerful stories going on: dramatic captures – heart-warming releases – fascinating surgery – emotional euthanasia […]

Eat, Grow, Love

A series following a group of young idealists from the city who join together to establish a permaculture centre in the Icelandic countryside in the hope of growing a better life with nature as their guide.                                     We […]

Highway Vultures

Highway Vultures is a 13-part reality series that follows tow-truck drivers as they race through Johannesburg, chasing car accidents – an adrenaline fuelled, funny, frightening, sometimes tragic, usually shocking and always thrilling speed chase. South Africa has one of the highest road death tolls in the world. Bad road surfaces,inadequate road markings, corrupt traffic police […]

Rough or Smooth

Rough or Smooth, is an adventurous and sophisticated travel series with a strong food and lifestyle focus. Playful and quirky, yet always honest and well researched – pairing two opposing personalities who just somehow get on and explore our world together… TV personalities and old friends, Paul du Toit and Terence Bridgett guide audiences on […]

I Afrikaaner

I, Afrikaner is an intimate family saga, following four generations of South African Boers as they grapple with their identity as white farmers in a post-Apartheid South Africa, where land ownership is highly contentious and violence and racism are endemic. Filmmaker Annalet ‘Makkie’ Steenkamp’s challenging and intimate portrait of her family examines their unbreakable bond […]

Indigenous Encounters with Sarah Begum

At the age of 21 Sarah Begum, a British-born Bengali woman, realised the ambition of a lifetime when she went to live with the Huaorani tribe deep in the Amazon rainforest, making a film of her extraordinary journey, exploring how the Huaoranis practice their ancient traditions, and the challenges they face. Sarah’s first film, the […]

Refugees: Who Needs Them?

A cinematic, gripping and sometimes humorous look into the lives of refugees – and – ourselves. Europe – growing ever more intolerant in its anti-immigration and refugee policies…Into this world come a group few know of: “resettled” refugees, actually invited by the government, – as well as the US born filmmaker, Miles Roston, himself the […]

Raw Faith

Raw Faith is an intimate and revealing documentary that follows two years in the private life of Marilyn Sewell, an outspoken and socially progressive Unitarian minister who has re-energized her Portland community. While serving a community that relies on her for wisdom and advice (on both personal and ethical issues), Marilyn struggles quietly with decisions […]

We Are Still Here

A remote community in Iceland, fighting the system for survival. Just a stone’s throw away from the Arctic Circle lies the remote Icelandic fishing village of Flateyri. Nestled inside the West Fjords, this quaint outpost is perched upon a narrow finger of land which juts out into Önundarfjörður, situated well within striking distance to the fertile fishing […]

I Want to be Weird

Kitty Von-Sometime is a British artist who has lived in Iceland for ten years. She is mostly known for ‘The Weird Girls Project’, an ongoing art project only for women. Each project is a single episode which is unique and has it’s own concept. Kitty chooses a group of women to participate for each episode […]


  Billed as the definitive account of Mugabe’s life, this incisive documentary dramatically illustrates his successful liberation and development of the country but also his ruthless and cunning retention of power at all costs. Experts on Zimbabwe interviewed  include Trevor Ncube, Geoff Nyarota, Lovemore Maduku, Simba Makoni and the recently deceased Edgar Tekere in what […]


Last April the earth opened up at Eyjafjallajokull glacier in Southern Iceland. The volcano spewed 70 tons of ash into the air per second grounding flights all over Europe. Meanwhile, farmers living under the volcano were fighting for their livestock and livelihood. The film Ash, follows three families living at different sites under the volcano […]

Yarn: The Movie

Knitting is becoming hip. It’s no longer something for the elderly to pass the time, it’s done by men, by film stars, and used by artists. Knitting could become ‘the new baking’ in film and television – an ordinary activity that unites audiences across the generations and works its way into the mainstream. Because there […]

Tales Of A Sea Cow

COMPLETED IMDB Website Running Time: 58 min (approx) Director, Writer and Producer: Etienne De France Tales of a Sea Cow TRAILER from Etienne de France on Vimeo. Tales of a Sea Cow is a documentary describing how a team of scientists has achieved the first ever decoding of animal communication. For the first time in […]

The Dream Of Shahrazad

If revolution starts as fantasy, what does it end with? THE DREAM OF SHAHRAZAD is a feature-length documentary film which locates recent political events in the Maghreb and Middle East within a broader historical and cultural legacy: that of the famous collection of stories known as THE 1001 (or “ARABIAN”) NIGHTS. Using the metaphor of […]

New Hands

A man who lost his hands in an accident, gets a new pair from a deceased person. It may sound like science-fiction from Hollywood – but this is reality. Gudmundur Felix Gretarsson (b.1974) lost both his arms in an accident while working with high voltage. After a series of operations and infections, the doctors decided […]

War of the Flea

COMPLETED IMDB Running Time: 93 min Director: Rian van der Walt In post-Apartheid South Africa, some say it’s more dangerous to be a farmer than a policeman. Since the transition to democracy, an alarming phenomenon has been sweeping the country’s farmlands: more than 3000 white farmers brutally murdered. Some decry the scourge as systematic racial genocide driven by hatred […]


Running Time: 91 min Directed and Produced by: Hilari Scarl This inspirational and heartfelt documentary follows four well-known entertainers in the deaf community: a comic, a drummer, an actor and a singer as they attempt to cross over to mainstream audiences. These uniquely talented deaf entertainers overcome great challenges on their way to personal triumphs […]


Running Time: 69 min Director: Ali Silverstein An Impossible Love Story. When their complicated relationship takes an irrevocable turn, a couple embarks on one last journey together… Afterglow explores the limits of life and love. It takes you on a road-trip from Lincoln, New Mexico (home of Billy the Kid), to the glaciers of Iceland.


Set in some of South Africa’s most breathtaking habitats, from semi-desert to World Heritage wetlands, ‘Wildcards’ unearths inspirational stories of modern day South Africans from all walks of life, who are totally committed to preserving their wildlife heritage. The animal characters that they are fighting for are equally charismatic and captivating. They cling to their last vestige […]

The Arctic Fox

This documentary is a story of a miracle, a survival of a family of arctic foxes in the harsh Icelandic environment. After a long and cold winter the vixen gives life to five fox cubs and the adventure begins. The cubs are born blind and are weaned from their mother at only10 weeks old, then […]