Synopsis At 3AM, two bakkies travel towards the affluent suburb of Newlands. In the back, packed next to each other, are several members of the People’s Housing Movement. They’ve come to occupy the vacant land, which belongs to the government, partly to finally get a roof over their heads, but also to draw attention to […]


A grief stricken single mother from Ghana and her teenage daughter take part in a reality show in an effort to mend their deteriorating relationship. However, things take a dark turn when she plans an annual memorial dinner for her youngest daughter who passed away 3 years before. CAST & CREW Directed by P. Sam […]


In a world where simulated reality is the mainstay of a dystopian population, a disaffected layman named Nobomi SX1 embarks on a perilous mission to free herself from the chains of her vapid existence by attempting to enter an exclusive virtual reality game with the intention of never returning. CAST & CREW Directed by Jahmil […]