The Dream of Shahrazad

THE DREAM OF SHAHRAZAD is a feature-length documentary film that brings together the famous story collection THE 1001 (or “ARABIAN”) NIGHTS with recent political events in Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon… Description The “Arab Spring” of early 2011 was a momentous global event, raising great hopes for anyone interested in the forward march of humanity. No […]

Eat, Grow, Love

A series following a group of young idealists from the city who join together to establish a permaculture centre in the Icelandic countryside in the hope of growing a better life with nature as their guide.                                     We […]

Highway Vultures

Highway Vultures is a 13-part reality series that follows tow-truck drivers as they race through Johannesburg, chasing car accidents – an adrenaline fuelled, funny, frightening, sometimes tragic, usually shocking and always thrilling speed chase. South Africa has one of the highest road death tolls in the world. Bad road surfaces,inadequate road markings, corrupt traffic police […]

Indigenous Encounters with Sarah Begum

At the age of 21 Sarah Begum, a British-born Bengali woman, realised the ambition of a lifetime when she went to live with the Huaorani tribe deep in the Amazon rainforest, making a film of her extraordinary journey, exploring how the Huaoranis practice their ancient traditions, and the challenges they face. Sarah’s first film, the […]


  Billed as the definitive account of Mugabe’s life, this incisive documentary dramatically illustrates his successful liberation and development of the country but also his ruthless and cunning retention of power at all costs. Experts on Zimbabwe interviewed  include Trevor Ncube, Geoff Nyarota, Lovemore Maduku, Simba Makoni and the recently deceased Edgar Tekere in what […]


Last April the earth opened up at Eyjafjallajokull glacier in Southern Iceland. The volcano spewed 70 tons of ash into the air per second grounding flights all over Europe. Meanwhile, farmers living under the volcano were fighting for their livestock and livelihood. The film Ash, follows three families living at different sites under the volcano […]

Yarn: The Movie

Knitting is becoming hip. It’s no longer something for the elderly to pass the time, it’s done by men, by film stars, and used by artists. Knitting could become ‘the new baking’ in film and television – an ordinary activity that unites audiences across the generations and works its way into the mainstream. Because there […]