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The Arctic Fox

This documentary is a story of a miracle, a survival of a family of arctic foxes in the harsh Icelandic environment.

After a long and cold winter the vixen gives life to five fox cubs and the adventure begins. The cubs are born blind and are weaned from their mother at only10 weeks old, then the lessons of life begin. At twelve weeks old the cubs leave the den. By then they are mostly managing on their own. They find spouses and mark their territory. By the ages of one,they are bringing up a new generation of cubs, their first litters. The circle is closed.

The storyline will be authentic and poetic at the same time, where the on-going interplay of nature and the forces of nature, create the eternal circle of life. We will place our emphasis on cinematography and building excitement, creating clear “fox-characters” with both amusing and dramatic stories. The foxes will have a strong presence in this film as we will try to fulfil every condition of a successful characterization to keep the audience entertained and amazed while watching. This is an observational wildlife documentary where humans will play a very small role, if any.

Director and Producer: Guðbergur Davidsson