Script Consultancy

Submissions Policy

If you are a writer looking to submit your script for us to consider with a view to producing, please be aware that we are only able to consider material which comes with a professional script report attached. If you don’t yet have a professional script report, we recommend getting one from our Script Team (

Spier Films has produced, co-produced or financed over ten feature films and our productions have won twelve awards including the Golden Bear for Best Film in Berlin 2005.

The knowledge and experience of our script team has been honed working on successful films which attract finance and get made.

Whether you are a producer, screenwriter, or director, our script team are available to provide you with professional reports, or extensive script development notes, to help you get your screenplay where it needs to be.

Contact the team:

Standard Script Report: This is a standard industry assessment of the commercial quality of your script. The report consists of a 1-page synopsis, a page of comments, and a check box grid assessing various strengths and weaknesses of the script such as characters, structure, dialogue, concept, character arcs etc. Guaranteed one week turnaround. Click here to view a sample report.

Fee: £55 / R940

Detailed Development Notes: This report consists of 4-6 pages of detailed analysis and suggestions to help the writer progress their script to the next level. Constructive feedback and suggestions cover both major and minor issues including dialogue, scenes, characters, character arcs, structure, themes, originality and concept. Guaranteed one week turnaround. Click here to see a sample report.

Fee: £100 / R1,730


“The notes were insightful and to-the-point, they have a very keen understanding of where a script needs to go, and [are] very good at suggesting ways to help get it there.”
– Alan Ronald, director and writer (

“They helped us find the centre of our characters and their love story and in so doing disentangled some of our plot issues. Notes were precise and clear. They not only pointed out the problems but also helped us find ways to overcome and resolve the script issues as well.”
– Lineo Sekeleoane, producer (